Keep your Legal Work on track With

LegalQual a complete legal solution.

LegalQual transforms the way of Corporate Legal Department or Law Firm work, transforming complexity into simplicity and get more done in less time.


At LegalQual, We are working on vision of digitisation of Legal Departments, Moving towards paperless, Empowering legal team so they can work with clients from anywhere with all information available on one click.

  • LQ is designed in way so that it can connect every one in legal team:
  • For Advocates, LQ works as a virtual assistant, keeping track of all their legal and tax cases, notices, claims, expenses, billings and other matters. Reminding them for important hearings, meetings and pending invoices.
  • For Management, provide a risk analysis, claims recovery/Profit ratio analysis and helps in early decision making.
  • For accounts, LQ helps to manage all expenses, invoices and pending claims/billings.
  • For Clients, LQ provide a platform so they can track status of their matters, billings and pay bills real time.
  • LegalQual provide strong linking and relationship between each entity of your legal data, legal documents, contacts, cases, notices, hearings, notice actions, expenses, clients, billing, notes, tasks, alerts and notifications, time, opponent, lawyers, invoices, arbitrator and much more in one single place that is accessible to your team members anywhere from any device.
  • With our secure client portal, we bring the higher level of security to protect exchange of documents and information with your clients.
  • We understand the level of security legal data need and risk of ransomeware attack, with LegalQual, all your data stored in 256-bit encrypted format, Higher level security.
  • No installation or setup, So no setup cost, no disruption. All you need is only internet browser and you are ready to work from anywhere.
  • Our customer support team is available at anytime to solve customer issue and training.

Product Features


This is one point document assembly for user where all documents are filtered according to Cases, Notices and parties.


User can generate any type of custom reports for Cases, Notices and Parties or Customers and share with any one.

AES-256 bit Encryption

All your data only readable from LQ application, No other human or machine can read your data.


User can create any type of case and can track hearings, documents and expenses of case with timely review comments.

Can automate flow by assigning task to users with due date.


User can create any type of Notice and can track actions, documents and expenses of notice with timely review comments.

Can automate flow by assigning task to users with due date.

Involved Parties/Customer

Can maintain all basic info, claims and documents of involved parties in case or notice.

Billing and time tracking against customer.

Contract Management

Manage all types of contracts with vendors, third parties or employees.

Automate the process of review and contract approval.

Calendar Management

With LegalQual you can manage all your important dates, hearing dates for cases and action dates for notice.

Manage all user tasks on calendar with due date and completion date.


Manage all types of contacts including arbitrator, third party, advocates etc.

Manage all other related corporate companies and law firms.

Graphical Analysis

Risk Analysis for Cases.

Aalysis of expenses, billings, profit ratio and type of work coming from each business unit, location with resource management according to that.

Alerts and Notification

LegalQual send timely alert and notification for upcoming Hearings of Cases and Actions of Notices, Escalate if no action happened.

LegalQualLive for your Clients

With LQLive your Clients can keep updated on their legal Matters and Billings, can pay bills real time through LQLive, Great client statisfaction.


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